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The Story

Eric’s journey started about 15 years ago back in high school, when he began employment down the street at K & B True Value and learned the ins and outs of household projects and various materials. During this time, he enrolled in the electrical program of CAT South at South River High School. He worked hard to become top of his class for the 2-year program, as well as compete in SkillsUSA, where he ranked among the top 3 students in the state. After graduation, he pursued electrical work, and started his apprenticeship while taking night classes to become a journeyman. Working full time, taking night classes, and servicing his local community after-hours proved to be a hustle worth continuing.


In 2021, he received his Master’s License and brought on his younger brother, Andrew, who has a background in commercial estimating with a large electrical contractor, to help with the behind-the-scenes action. While working full-time, Andrew helped to kickstart the business by setting up the books, creating a marketing campaign, estimating new work, and keeping the calendars organized. The duo worked for months to create a sustainable business with full-time potential.


After his first daughter was born in November 2021, Eric tore a ligament in his knee on the jobsite, rendering him unable to work in the field for 6 months. During this time, rather than letting the business fade away, he and Andrew doubled down on the intensity of their pursuit. Eric transitioned to a managerial role for the first time, directing their crew on each project. Andrew took on administrative duties to ensure a sustainable, organic growth. By the end of Eric’s recovery, Harvest Electric had too much work on the books to be kept a side business any longer. This marked the turning point in which the brothers decided to take the business full-time and fully dedicate themselves to growing the business. While there are new challenges each day, the satisfaction of employing the best in the field remains untouched.


We aim to serve our local community to the highest degree, ensuring the client’s utmost satisfaction- all while squeezing in time for family, fishing and adventuring.

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